Scripted & Non Scripted Screen Content

We've spent decades delivering solid productions for the biggest names in advertising, film and TV in North America, Europe, and Australia. 

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Examples of our collective and collaborative works on screen.

Unscripted Team

With many hard hitting true stories from around the globe our team knows the essence of the human story.

Left Brain, Right Brain...

Concept Incubator

We take new ideas or existing concepts that have been struggling to find their voice and assist in bringing them to life, a story incubator for storytellers in need of guidance and support to finalize indie projects in final stages of development. 

Production House

We are a production house for the stories that have brewed in our collective hearts. With a very nimble team that spans the globe. Set Apart Pictures can deliver projects no matter the content or the location.

Scripted Team

We've been collaborating on a multitude of scripted projects for the last decade. Check out what we have been up to.

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Contact Information

Set Apart Pictures

Scripted: +1 718 594 2885
Non Scripted: +1 917 442 1840