Perfect Chaos  is a community created project, facilitated by  Set Apart Pictures.

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How Does It Work?

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This project Started on May 1st 2020.

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The project is titled Perfect Chaos. Technology gone wrong on a global scale.

Story Logline:
In a moment of global panic, the artificial intelligence we've created to help us turns against us, turning our devices into antagonists intent on manipulating us toward our own destruction.

Our story starts when a message is sent globally via smart phones saying that “Life as you know it will end in 7 days”. The characters smart devices start to play tricks on them. Sending antagonistic messages either anonymously or posing as people from their contact lists. Sharing their private information to others and taunting them with voice commands.

No one knows for sure what it means. Is it the end of the human race? Or is it the end of the internet? or the end of year sale? ​
From here the story is up to you. Where will it lead to, we have no idea? Whatever happens over the next 7 days shit is going to get real interesting for our characters...

Follow along on any of your devices. New episodes delivered every 48 hrs

Each episode is completed in
48 HRS 


It's designed to be fast and fun and definitely NOT aimed at perfection, but is ALL ABOUT creation and finding that old love of grabbing a camera and shooting something for the hell of it. Some of our participants go to town on production and others shoot it all in one shot on an iPhone.

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If you have been tagged to go next...

There's not too many rules, just some guidelines. See below.


Step 1: View the Instruction Video

It's a quick video that will step you through what the project is about and how to go about creating and sending your video to us. Scroll up to the top of the page or click here to view.


Step 2: View Episodes & Pick Up From Cue

Watch the current episodes to see where the film is going. If you haven't got time to view all of them, go back 3 or 4 from the end and get a feel of where you will be picking the story up from. Click here to go to our youtube page.


In the last episode before yours you will see a cue given at the end of the episode. Be sure to acknowledge that cue at the start of your video and carry on from there. It could be the last video hearing the phone ring and you start by being the caller, or a knock at the door etc... What ever it is use it to start your episode.


Step 3: Create The Next 1 to 5 Minutes

Now is the fun part. Create the next piece of the story, whether you script it out, or just put it together in your head is up to you. Try to keep it a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 5 minutes. Whether you shoot it on an Arri with full production qualities or shoot a single shot on an iPhone is up to you. Both are fine. Just have fun with it. As far as genre is concerned, you can make it a thriller, horror, comedy, you can do real life or animation, or anything in between, you can be serious with it, or you can take the piss out of it if you want. It's totally up to you. Just keep moving the story forward thats all we ask. Oh yes and a couple of other things too please:

Shoot your footage in 1920 x 1080 - High Definition (HD).

Be sure to read the WHAT FORMAT DO I SHOOT IN - FAQ is below


Don’t use anything that is copyrighted in your clip (like music)
Don’t get naked, racist, or violate social media platform standards


Our good friends at FILMSTRO have provided free music for every episode. Those participating will have access to their amazing library of music.

Check them out here:


Step 4: Upload & Tag The Next Person

Once you are done, you need to send it to us. You will be provided with a secure private link to so and then you can pour yourself a beer, or a glass of water, whatever works.

Oh but before you relax too much you need to tag the next person to carry on the story and then it all starts again.


**It's probably a good idea to check who is keen to carry on as soon as you are tagged so that they get a heads up a couple of days in advance.


If you need help with any of the above just get in touch with the contact details you will be sent. Also you can click here to download a resources document with all sorts of tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format do I shoot in? 

I need help on how to shoot on a phone

How do I do basic lighting?

Can I use music from another movie or song?

How do I edit this thing?

How do I upload my project?

About Us

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All of our members have spent decades honing our craft and collaborating on projects that span around the globe. We love creating whether it be big projects, or tiny little stories that find their way into our lives. We serve two main purposes currently. (See below)

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Thanks For Visiting

I hope this project brings a little bit of joy and fun to all those who get to participate in it. It really is just an opportunity to run around with a camera for a tiny amount of time and find the old joy of just wanting to create something and show it to your mates. After many years of being in this industry it's easy to forget why we started down this path. This whole project is not designed to be a reflection of what we can create as professionals and nor should anyone view the episodes in that way. It's just a quick moment in time to forget all the usual challenges and red tape that comes with creating content and just embracing the "get out there and just do it and don't think too much".

For those who are just viewing. I hope it passes the time and you get a few laughs along the way.



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