April 22


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The Soundtracks podcast is hosted by Michael Imperoli (The Sopranos, Goodfellas).

Think of moments that defined you, that changed your perspective, career, or marked you in a specific way. These moments are tied to specific places, specific sounds, and specific times in popular culture. Now imagine having the opportunity to retrace the steps of your journey with a friend, to revisit your old stomping grounds, find out what happened to the people, places, and sound that - for a sliver of your time on earth - felt like it shaped the world around you.
SOUND TRACKS is a travel doc and music series like no other.
Travel back in time with celebrity friends, revisiting the soundtracks and locations of the most pivotal times in their lives. The journey will reveal a brand-new side of these individuals through the music that shaped them.
SOUND TRACKS is BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? meets HBO’s Sonic Highways.

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