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We’ve spent our lives chasing great stories – in dark alleys and sports venues, history books and our own imaginations.  We founded Set Apart to tell the best stories better - challenging the way content develops, amplifying marginalized voices, and celebrating the power and beauty of the human spirit.

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Unscripted Team

Our greatest social problems persist because of preconceptions held in place by the same stories, told over and over.  We’re after the other ones – those that challenge our views, change our minds, and impact our world.



Any story worth telling is worth telling better.  Our process for development is unique – leaning in to excellence, seeing every note as an opportunity for improvement, driving toward scripts that inspire production, talent, investment, and the audience.


We’ve worked all over the world, in nearly every role, from PA to Producer.  With deep industry relationships and hard-won knowledge, we can crew a project – anytime, anywhere – with a team as devoted to excellence as we are.


From thrillers to period pieces, raw action to comedy, we deliver scripted projects to our partners that are built to survive the journey through production – budget-conscious, market-sensitive, timely, and built to attract talent.

Scripted Team

We've been collaborating on a multitude of scripted projects for the last decade. Check out what we have been up to.

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The 313


Over a decade ago, Set Apart Co-Founder Allison Howard went to Detroit as a producer for First 48, beginning a journey that would make telling the stories of the city’s roughest neighborhoods a lifelong mission.  When we formed Set Apart, we joined that mission and started a collective journey:  
How do we bring the authentic experience of America’s marginalized communities to life?

Writing Lab

During 2020’s covid quarantines, Allison and Eric Belgau realized that instead of trying to mimic the community’s voices we needed to amplify them.  That led to a groundbreaking idea:  create writing rooms of cops, convicts, ex-cons, and residents – and use the development of edgy, marketable content to seek authenticity and prepare these vibrant storytellers for a career in film.


Even as the 313 Writing Lab takes shape, we’re beginning to publish unvarnished memoirs from inside the Macomb County Correctional Facility.  Soon, the 313 will begin producing a library of feature film scripts, taking audiences deep into the real humanity of America’s most dangerous neighborhoods, riding on plotlines with proven commercial potential.

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